Light Sussex & Coronation Sussex Trios & Pairs - Juvenilles

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    SOLD - Coronation Sussex Trio - 2 mos old hatched 12/17 - Coronation Sussex - Pure. Greenfire Stock! $70 + $65SH (which includes price of box)

    SOLD - Light Sussex Quad - 6 weeks old hatched 1/1 - Light Sussex - Striking color, great layers. Ron Presley, Dingle Lines Greenfire Lines! $80 + $70 SH (which includes price of box)

    Light Sussex Pairs - 4.5 weeks old hatched 1/9- 2 Pairs Available $40/Pair + $55SH (which includes price of box)

    Light Sussex Pair - 8 weeks old hatched 12/24 - cockerely is a little muddy (more black in his back where we don't want it) $25 + $55 SH

    Other Juvenille breeds available to ship with above pairs/trios. We focus on rare and heritage poultry. We purchased only the best of the best stock from around the country. We have many different breeds available and we do offer mixed chick shipments. We are located in NE Ohio (Brunswick) We accept PayPal online payments only to [email protected]. Please pay promptly so I can ship your chicks quickly!

    Check out our website at Check out our FB page at:

    Jill Besida & Lloyd Bledsoe
    Sunnyside Up Micro-Farm
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