Light Sussex eggs BIN auction


10 Years
Jan 30, 2009
I have a dozen Light Sussex eggs for shipping. I'll include a couple extras if available. Price includes shipping.

Please, email me at: [email protected]

Do not pm me. I can ship M,T,W.

Very nice quality stock. Sussex are making a comeback due to their dual purpose characteristics. They are calm, well laying birds. Right now, they are outlaying all my other breeds.

rancher hicks

Free Ranging
13 Years
Feb 28, 2009
Syracuse, NY
Now if I had space and time for another breed I would take some. The incu is running started today no time to get more.

However for those who are considering her eggs. I have one of her hens and she is a beaut. Nice and big and a good layer. Very heavy bird.

Fox snagged her but had to drop her she was so heavy. I got her back of course and she's still going.

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