Light Sussex maybe sick not laying

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    Apr 11, 2016
    I have a light Sussex that I got two weeks ago. We had to drive for an hour from the place that we got her from and I know she might be stressed. She hasnt laid an egg yet. I am brand new to chickens so I am learning as I go. She is definitely at the lower end of the pecking order and I have seen her get a couple of attacks from the dominant hens.
    I have noticed that she is less active then my australorp and bard bantam but she still eats and drinks all the time. After she drinks it looks like she has mucus and sometimes she makes prehistoric snoring type sounds.She honestly seems depressed.
    Any thoughts or suggestions? I dont think she is sick, but she might be.
    Please help
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    Noisy, wet breathing can be a respiratory illness.
    She could have brought something with her or be succumbing to something within your flock that she doesn't have immunity too.

    Some respiratory diseases can be carried without showing symptoms or causing problems until stress might degrade the immune systems defense capabilities.

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