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    My mom wants her own eggs so I have bought her 4 different cochins that I am raising for her until they feather out and don't need so much care. She has a medical condition that makes her very tired very quickly so I need to build her a coop that she can move on her own or large enough that it only has to be moved every two weeks when her landscapers come. I want to make it light for as she is pretty independent and would like to be able to move it if need be. I was thinking of an A-Frame with really long handles to keep all the weight on the two rear tires. We are in Texas so we don't really need to worry about super cold weather as we have more days over 100 degrees than we have hours of freezing. The chickens will be let out most days but with her condition I can't rely on them getting out everyday so there needs to be room for the birds.

    My thoughts so far:

    1. two story so plenty of room to move around on the bottom.
    2. second story wire floor so she doesn't have to clean up chick poop but could add something if she wants capture some for her garden.
    3. LIGHT WEIGHT!!!!!
    4.Two nest boxes and limited enclosed roosting area to keep weight down
    5. All construction will be wood and wire

    Anybody else have some thoughts that might help out?

    Pictures suggestions would be a very big help.
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    Mar 12, 2012
    to save space inside the coop and to make it easier for her to access the eggs try to put the nesting boxes on the outside of the coop. but latch it so animals cant get at them

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