Lights and laying chickens


13 Years
May 3, 2010
Elgin, TX
How long does it usually take chickens to start laying eggs after you give them extra light? I have 23 BR and they are 22 weeks old and not laying. I got them about a week and a half ago. I figured it might take them a week to settle in but after that week still no eggs. So a few days ago I put a light out and have it running for 3 hours in the morning but still no eggs.
I'm trying but the waiting is killing me. I would really like them to start so I can sell some eggs to pay for feed.
25 weeks. And since its winter they may just wait all together for spring. Depends on the chicken.

Where did you get that # from?
From what I read when I did a search on here that most BR started laying around 18-20 weeks. I know all chickens are differnt, but I asume they should be ready sometime around now. And from what I understand that chickens that are less than a year old tend to start laying even if it is winter time.
congrats! And keep up with the lights. If they don't get at least 14 hours of light per day, they will revert to "winter" laying patters, meaning very few or no eggs.

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