Like puttin socks on a rooster

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    Hello everyone, I hope this is the right section but I have a question about introducing new flock members. So, I'm from Louisiana and I picked up 5 birds from Missouri to add to my flock, beautiful birds. An Ameraucana/Cochin mix (rooster), maran ameraucana, two bantam Cochin and one welsummer. I've checked them out, treated one for scale mites and now their health seems normal. So I have them with my flock and I was waiting for the pecking order to be finished up, BUT it's been about 2 months now and they're still at it? The rooster has already made new girlfriends, but the others are still getting picked on. The maran olive egger is a little older (about 2 or 3yrs) and she's real standoff-ish, she doesn't even try to get in with the flock like the the 2 bantams. The welsummer just hovers around the flock and flees at the drop of a hat. Any ideas or questions about what's going on? My description is pretty jumbled. Thanks for y'all's help
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    Sorry for the double post, I didn't think it went through
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    Oct 29, 2015
    well id say wich ever ones are beating up on the others pull them for about a week or two then put them back in
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    Thanks, I will try it and see what happens

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