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That's what it was - like taking candy from a baby. We had our deck stripped and it was supposed to be sealed today. Well, it has rained the past 3 days including this AM. I told the Princess that they would not be coming today. She the eternal unrealistic optimist said, "They'll be here." She then said, "Want to bet?" My reply, "What'. her's. "I'll pay for supper." We shook and I started laushing. She then said, "Wait, that's not fair. You have nothing to lose. You always pay. It's a win, win for you." Yep, got her.
Every night as she sleeps I whisper in her ear, "You are a lucky woman, you are a lucky woman, you are ------------------------------". It works. She's still here. What a sweet, sweet meal.
So...Are you saying that you hypnosis the Princess
every night?

Now THAT is surely the secret to a long and happy
marriage. Tonight...I'll try to follow in your legendary

My she sleeps, I'll whisper in her ear..But I
think she's hard of hearing. Certainly she doesn't always
listen to me.

I may have to yell.

Do I have to like wave a pocketwatch in her face or anything?

Spook...waiting on bedtime for sure
Subliminal suggestion - has worked wonders for me. I have had to increase the volume of my whispers over the years. Yes, I may now be at the point of shouting, "You are a lucky woman. you are a lucky woman, you ------------------------------------------------------." Give it a try.
You, much like me, need all the help that you can get. I told the Princess tonight, "Thank all that is Good for you. No one else would understand."
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Ladies may have selective hearing. You can ask them questions all day and be ignored until you ask the right one. This one never fails:

'Would you like (insert a worthwhile sum of money in her favourite currency)?' You will immediately have her full attention and may even see her ears prick up, her eyes brighten and drool appearing in the corner of her mouth. Quickly move on to the question you really want to ask. It might be something like 'What time will you start to muck out the pigs today'. Don't ask 'whether' but 'when'. By the time she's agreed to do that typical lady's job, the money question will have been forgotten. In any event, it was just a question, not an offer.
Spook, please don't misinterpret. Mind?
Way back when it was unfashionable the Princess was the ultimate liberated person. I let her have her way and she lets me have mine as long as I do what she wants. Seems to work.

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