Lilith is thinking about moving out. I'm thinkin on letting her?

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    My Lilith is a buff brahma, nearly 3 years old. She's the outcast in my flock of brahmas.

    Lately Lilith has been hanging out in the baby coop alot. As soon as I open the doors to the baby coop, she goes in and hangs out most of the day. She does return to her own coop in the evenings.

    I'm thinking on letting her stay with the younger birds at night. She's used to them and they are pretty much used to her.

    I can't see any pitfalls to this plan other than my cockerel driving her a bit nuts at first.

    Is there something I am overlooking?

    Goodness help me if she's decided to hang out there because she wants to go broody with the rest of that bunch! [​IMG]
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    The only thing I can think of to watch for is if she is a bully on the roosts at night. My lower ranking adults are such bullies my young ones don't want to roost in the coop at night but try to roost on a shelf in a shed.

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