~~Lilly's Life~~ (The 2nd book in The Lonely Hen series) LAST CHAPTER UP!

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    This is my second book I have written here on BYC.

    Lilly's Life is about a pullet-soon to be a full grown hen-that goes through some rough times and adventures. This is a story through a chicken's eye. Enjoy...

    PLEASE READ BEFORE READING MY STORY!: This is my story and I claim it. This story is original writen by <3ChickenForever. No one may print this out! I have worked hard on this story to keep all of you entertained so PLEASE DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES copy this story. Thank you. 10/15/11

    Read the first book to the Lonely Hen Series: https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=544210

    Lilly's Life:

    Chapter 1

    I woke up from the bright rays of the sun. I was outside, in the coop, sitting by my sister and mom.
    It was about the middle of October and it was getting a bit chilly. I was about… 3 months old now? I was the one born first too; Rose was born 2 minutes after me. So I was pretty proud to be the older one!
    I hobbled down the branches that looped around me and headed for my breakfast. As soon as I got down, Rose jumps down. Oh great I thought, the devil-sister wakes up.
    “Hey Lils!” Rose said happily with a big grin upon her face.
    “Oh,” I started, “hey there Rosie!” I tried sounding as happy as her but I wasn’t in the mood this morning.
    She began munching on food and tried squeezing through the older hens that always picked on us. The main hens that did pick on us were Tal, Ally, and Ginger. Tal was a beautiful Rhode-Island-Red. Ally was a white turken. And Ginger was a gorgeous Golden-Laced-Wyandotte and she was the meanest of all.
    I also tried squeezing between the hens, but they would pick at my heads.
    I finally got some food but Ginger came out and noticed.
    “Little girl…” Ginger smirked, “Out of my way little gorilla.”
    “My name isn’t little gorilla. It’s Lilly. Call me Lilly.” I was always the type to stand up for myself ever since that trip to this coop where mom was raised.
    “What did you just say, gorilla?” Ginger snapped.
    “My name is Lilly, thank you very much.”
    “You better watch it.” Then she trotted off and out of sight.
    I finally got my turn to eat as much as I want because most of the mean girls were gone and Jaz and my dad were gone too.
    When I was all done I went out of the coop to explore some more with Rose. We went up to this huge pine tree and lay under it. It was the most relaxing spot on the land!
    “Hey Lil…” Rose began to say, “I like how you stood up to Ginger during breakfast…. She is a tough one. How did you learn to stick up for yourself like that?”
    “Well… after that adventure to the coop I became stronger I guess…. And how come you aint like me? How come you don’t stick up for yourself?” I asked her.
    “I aint strong headed like you or mom. But someday I will be strong!” She exclaimed.
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    Love it already! You really are very creative. Please keep up the excellent work.[​IMG]
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    Aww thanks!
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    Excellent job so glad your back !!
    my grandkids are also and thanks to you
    they are also learning that computers are fun to read and learn on not just to play games
    thank-you so much [​IMG]
    they also said that it is still ok for grandma to read to them they are girls ages 7 and 8.
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    Quote:I'm so happy to hear that!!! You're very welcome too!! [​IMG]
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    This is really good!!! MOREEEE!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Another chapter should be on the way soon! [​IMG]

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