Lime green irridescent poop? I have searched all day, please,anyone?

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    I have recently started new bag of Purina flock raiser, new bag of cracked corn and cleaned and re bedded coop with pine shavings. I saw a little of this poop, just thought somebody ate something weird. Even though it is very cold here, my chickens go out daily. This morning, I noticed this poop in an alarming amount. The feed smells and looks ok? I also have a wild bird problem that I can do little about. My bf will not listen when I tell him not to throw tons of sratch or boss in their run. He just goes and does this with out me knowing until I see a dozen wild birds in the run! I know I need to cover it in hw cloth but my birds also free range so the run gate is open anyway. I have corid if that's what is needed.. I also have oxitetracycline but do not want to use unless it is needed as I am allergic to antibiotics. Chickens are sneezing sometimes when I let them out but when they go to roost, I am listening for that and other respiratory and hearing/seeing nothing. Average egg count per day is 8 of twelve, a little thin shelled, oyster provided no supplemental lighting. Heat lamp at night only used 3 nights in past two weeks. It is 6 feet off floor, 6 feet from roosts on feed side, not accessible to birds at all (just pointed in their direction) and securely fastened at several points.
    Thank you for reading, any advice greatly appreciated!
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