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    You guys may have noticed that I've been posting and replying a lot recently...I am trying to absorb as much knowledge that I can in the super short time the chicks are growing up. My first batch are 5+ weeks old, and I moved them to the coop 4 days ago. Thanks to all of you who have helped me out.

    Now, I seem to be posting new posts with probably silly concerns, so here goes with the new one!

    I've had to hand deliver my girls into their roosts at night for the last 4 nights because the ramp is just a mystery to them at bedtime. They barrel up and down the ramp during the day. I think I need to be more proactive about luring them up the ramp at sunset. Around that time, they huddle into the same corner of the run. Doh!

    Tonight, as I was lifting them up after dark, they were just more limp than usual. I think that is normal, but it surprised me, as their letting me handle them so easily 3 days ago surprised me.

    Are they just getting acclimated to the heavy slumber that now hits them after seeing the real light (and sunset) of day? My chicks were up at night in the brooder at odd hours, with a lamp, I might add. Are they just growing up? Sniffle!

    Hope ya'll are having fun with my lack of chicken sense. [​IMG]
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