limp comb, gurgling crop, green slimy poo-help!

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    Jul 31, 2007
    I found one of my hens lying on her side with a noticable limp comb. I brought her inside and noticed that she was cold to the touch. I force fed her water as well as a crumbled up egg yoke with cream and gave her the opportunity to eat some very wet mushy food. I should note that her crop was completely empty before she ate. When she had some water & food in her, I noticed that her crop started gurgling...I put her in a cat carrier and she slept inside last night. She seemed a bit more alert this morning but, still weak. I put her out in a closed area in the chicken run this morning. She is still hunched over and stumbling. Her poo is green and slimy...she seems interested in eating her mushy food but only takes a few pecks and then turns away...she is one of my favoritie girls and it would break my heart if she dies from this strange affliction...please help!!!!!

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