Limping baby chick

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    Jul 9, 2011
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    I got her the next day and since has had foot issues. within the first week the yellow coloring peeled off, literally like snake skin, and the bottoms of the feet started to crack and turn pink. now she is 8wks old and I am noticing a prominent limp. I took these pictures today what you see caked in isn't actually caked in it is how her feet have split open. no infection or rejection from the other birds.She eats and drinks beautifully and none of the others seem to show the same signs. Also, she is much smaller than the others and I don't know yet if she is just going to be a smaller hen or may not be able to keep weigh on..Should I have her seen by a vet and if so should I take them all in at once? I'd hate to separate her for so long and risk her being rejected coming back...

    Photos of both feet. I was able to scrape off the on one foot[email protected]/6080032280/
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    I would honestly just baby her until new skin (hopefully!) grows back. Poor baby! Keep us posted!

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