Limping BR Rooster With Swollen Leg-Pictures

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    Jul 12, 2008
    My barred rock rooster's leg started to swell about a week ago. We're not sure of the cause. We just thought it would go away, but it's gradually worsened and he can't hardley walk around. He is about 11 months old and he is still perky and alert aswell as eating and drinking. However his comb had drooped over to one side. His whole leg and foot is swollen huge and there is an extra large bump, about the size of a marble, on his lower leg. We have taken him out of the flock since the other roosters are beating him up. His poop is normal. Any ideas on what could have caused this or a treatment? If it's something we just have to wait out is there anything we can do to make him more comfortable?


    That bump concerns me


    Ranger actually loves to be held upside down, you can see all the swelling in his foot and the redness


    His good and bad legs

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