Limping Chicken ( & Mulberries)


8 Years
Sep 24, 2011
Central California
I let my girls out this morning and noticed that Dom, my Dominique, has a pretty pronounced limp on one leg. She's holding it up and only using it ever-so-gently as she walks around. She immediately went to a bush and laid under it as soon as I let her out. I'm assuming it's a sprang, but I have no idea.. I checked her little feetsies, and there are no cuts of anything out of the ordinary. She didn't cry out or seem to mind as I touched her foot and gently pulled her leg out a bit... I didn't want to pull it too far because I don't really know what I'm doing.

The point is - is this likely a sprang, (would it be totally obvious if it was broken?) and could she have just done it to herself running around? And finally, should I be doing anything to help her heal or just leave her be to heal as she sees fit?

In a second and much less pressing matter: Mulberries... are they bad for chickens? My girls found a mulberry tree with plenty of easy pickings on the ground and they've been filling up on the things. Is this bad for them?


PS: As you can see, she's holding her foot up ever so slightly while standing, but its much more noticeable while she walks.

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check the pad of her foot.could be bumblefoot.look for the black spot.i have a hen that is limping,she has bumblefoot.
Not really, but if you could clean her foot really well and post a picture of the top and the bottom of it, it would be easier to tell.

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