Limping chicken


Apr 2, 2011
N. Ga mountains
I have two girls in a quarantine area and today I noticed one lying down in the main part rather than in the "boudoir" area. When I reached in to clean, she got up but gimped off to the boudoir. She really doesn't want to put weight on that foot. When she stood up, she had her foot curled off the ground so I checked for a wound but didn't see one. How do I tell what's wrong and how do I fix it?
Is she in quarantine because she is new, or sick? Marek's disease can cause curled feet - you'd see this only with a young chick. There are many reasons why a chicken might start limping. You've eliminated obvious injury and wounds. That's good. There is a disease called "bumblefoot" which is a nasty infection in the foot - but you'll see a large swelling and then it will ooze. Sometimes chickens pull a muscle. Your bird will limp for several days and then will recover. Rarely, though, do you see a curled foot. I'd go back and inspect the foot again. Wash it and scrub with a toothbrush if dirty. Did you check that the toenail is intact? No punctures? If all looks well, then I'd guess she'll recover soon.

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