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    Jun 11, 2012
    Hi..I'm new to this but was wondering if I could get some advice.One of my hens started limping on Sunday. I don't see or feel any visible breaks.Checked for any leg wounds...nothing and also checked the bottom of her feet for any scabs or cuts.Nothing. She is eating and drinking and looks very healthy even laid an egg yesterday. It could be possible she may have fell from the roost as the coop is in is very tall and my hens are very pushy when it comes to the roost. She was fine going in and the next morning was limping. She is now in a crate away from the others getting warm compresses, rest and plenty of attention. I'm keeping her in the coop at night with the others in her crate so she's not lonely. If maybe she sprained or fractured something how long would it take to heal? She can bear some wieght. Is there something I can give her for pain? Also maybe a refreshing treat? I may take her to the vet this weekend just to have an exam...not looking to spend a fortune though..if she doesn't improve.
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    Thank you!!!
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    I had a RSL that is now 2 1/2 years old that dislocated her leg back in June. Separated her from the flock in a dog box with room to move around limited. When it first happened she couldn't even stand and the flock was looking to cull her on their own. So I gave her about a week of no physicality, once a day I would give her leg a little PT so it wouldn't freeze up. Then slowly started to give her free roam time, and increased it a little at a time every couple three days. And slowly but surely started making progress to where she is today with barely a limp. The thought of having to cull her was weighing on me and figured I had to give her at least a shot and glad I did. But by letting her heal she can never go back to the coop nor does she want to, she is very happy having rule of the place and free range of the entire yard. She still giving me 4/5 eggs a week and just come off a 8 day run of eggs. she gave me a 9 day run about 2 months ago. Not bad for mature girl. So give yours a chance, don't know if a vet can do much for her but their is hope. I would give her some Vita-sol to help with stress and some extra protein to help with any muscle damage and rebuilding to help support the joint. Just see how it goes. Keep us posted.
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    We've got exactly the same thing going on with one of our 10 month old RSL's. She limps heavily and even uses her wing as a sort of crutch. She sort of sequestered herself in the coop, so we put food and water in for her (we normally keep it all in the run) We washed her feet and went over that leg with a fine toothed redness, no swelling, no cuts or other injuries, no heat. I'm thinking she may have sprained something going up or down the ramp or roost. She was going in and out of the coop once or twice a day, so we put her in a dog crate today with food and water right close at hand. I put some ACV in her water and some crushed B12 complex in her food. I'm hoping that with rest and good nutrition she'll recover.

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