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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by piggpen, Jun 5, 2017.

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    Jun 5, 2017
    hi all
    i have a white duck ( not sure of the breed but we believe he is a pekin cross runner) had started limping about 3 weeks ago ... we caged the duck after he started getting worse but had no luck with him getting better .... with in the last couple of days i have noticed some of my other ducks starting to limp ... we have checked for bumble foot , i did ask the feed stores for a different diet hearing that the corn scratch is not sufficient and they gave me "game bird flight conditioner" ... i just received this today and dont know if it will change anything or not ... does anyone have any other ideas ? i have ducks ranging from 4 yrs. old to 5 months old ... this only seems to be happening to the white ducks and one grey duckling so far.we think the grey duckling is also a pekin cross runner as well
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    Have these ducks been given extra niacin? Especially the younger ones. Chick feed doesn't have enough for ducks. Add Brewers yeast or nutritional yeast at 1tbsp per cup of feed. They need 100-150 mg of niacin. The larger ducks like Pekin in my experience have more problems developing symptoms sooner due to their fast growth and larger build.
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    Second Brewer's Yeast! Very important and super easy supplement. If it's a niacin issue, you should see improvement in 3-5 days. Good luck
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    X3 on brewers yeast. You can also go get starter grower with niacin. TSC carries Dumore with niacin if you have one in your area.

    Edit: Since symptoms are already showing brewers yeast is your best bet.
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    Brewers yeast is good to add to the feed, but at this point I would go get Niacin tablets or Vitamin B complex tablets... you want regular Niacin, not time released or flush free... should be able to find it at any vitamin shop, pharmacy or most places that sell vitamins and supplements (for people, it still works for ducks)... you want to crush enough tablets to equal 100-150mg per gallon of drinking water and dissolve thoroughly...

    Gamebird feed *should be* ok, but I would look into an All Flock/Flock Raiser feed...

    Actually, though DuMor feed contains Niacin, it is only in adequate amounts for chicks/chickens, not enough for ducks... ducks need higher than chicks... :)
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    Apr 6, 2015
    Maybe but I've yet to have a duck with this problem and all I feed is DuMor starter grower with niacin.

    I have received rescue ducks with this problem from people feeding scratch or bread and I don't rely on starter grower to fix a problem that is already there.

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