Limping/feather loss 2 month Sussex


Nov 28, 2019
I have a mixed flock of 8 various breeds. Four of the girls will be a year old in August. The others are two months old. They were recently very slowly introduced in a common area during the day. The last week they started sleeping together, on separate roosts, but same coop. The coop is open in the day and they have a lot of space and tend to segregate back to there age groups when roaming. There’s been some mild pecking but nothing to cause injury. They have been integrating slowly, but seemly successfully. The speckled Sussex from the young group seems to be lowest in the pecking, but not too stressed. I noticed today she was limping. We have a rock yard, but it doesn’t bother the others. Her limping got worse and I checked her reflexes, both toes curl when foot is bent. She seems to have full range of motion. No sores or splinters on the feet. She’s eating and pooping normal. But now that’s she’s separated I noticed her feathers seems to be falling out pretty heavily. I put her back on medicated feed, added probiotics to her food and sprinkled her diatomaceous earth. She’s just kinda sitting still mostly now. Is this just an early molt? None of my other birds have molted so I am unsure what’s normal. Or is this something I should be really concerned over? Any suggestions?

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