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    Oct 11, 2013
    Hi everyone :)

    I'm a new kid on the block here and actually have a goose question. I hope thats ok and I'm very much looking forward to getting some help here and also giving it as I become more acclimated to the site.

    I have a Pilgrim gander that I got when he was a few years old and he has been my buddy for the last 7-8 years now. I love him dearly and we have grown very close and fond of each other over the years.

    What makes this situation perhaps a bit unusual is that he is mainly a "house goose" (yeah, I guess I'm kind of an oddball...hehe). Many times I have let him sleep in my bed and he usually has the run of the house. He is a very pampered pet.

    Anyway, in the last few years when I have had him in my lap petting him and he decides to hop off (which he obviously uses his feet and legs to do) he acts like he's in pain and makes a little squawking noise (as if in discomfort) while pushing down with his feet to "launch" himself off of me.

    I had really not known what to think of it during this time and thought maybe he was just
    "getting old" but then during the last few weeks he has started nesting more and trying to stay off of his feet whenever possible. Sometimes with his beak tucked in his back.

    Now, in the last 2 days I have noticed that he has developed a limp. He has a very healthy appetite, normal stools, splashes and bathes and is his old feisty and honking self. It's just that he has developed a limp.

    Since he is mostly indoors where there is really no way he could have injured himself (that I am aware of) and I watch over him like a hawk, I was thinking perhaps it was a vitamine or mineral deficiency or some type of infection so I've been giving him an antibiotic (Tetracycline powder for poultry) and a vitamin/mineral supplement lately. Still, he continues to limp.

    I was just wondering what would make a goose start limping like that. Do geese develop arthritis or hip displasia in later life?. Is it a "sign" or symptom of something?. How long does it take to go away?. Is there anything I can give him for pain (ie; baby asprin, etc) or anything I should do?. It's not a really severe limp but still, it concerns me.

    There are no vets anywhere around me that deal with birds so going to a vet is unfortunately out of the question.

    Thanks so much for any input and advice on this and I'm very glad to be here!.

    - gooseygander
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    Baby aspirin is given to chickens for pain once or twice daily. I would definitely give him some vitamins, maybe Avian Superpac, because I think it also has minerals in it that might be beneficial to him. Just Google it and you can read the ingredients, and buy it online. I haven't seen it at TSC. Welcome to BYC, and we need to see a picture of your housemate.
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  3. Breac

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    Apr 20, 2010
    Have you inspected the bottom of his feet for any sores? If you see a black, circular scab, that typically means Bumblefoot, which is an infection that can lead to limping. Is the foot swollen, strangely colored, etc? If nothing appears out of the ordinary, it could very well be arthritis. I had a rooster develop it, and I ended up buying Aspercreme and rubbing it onto his legs every day. It really perked him up.
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    Jul 9, 2009
    It may be a good idea to also post this on the "Geese Thread".... or pm Celtic Oaks Farm... they have a wealth of knowledge about geese.

    Good luck
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    Oct 11, 2013
    Thank you for the replies. I found them to be very helpful!.

    I've had a few other birds with bumblefoot and have treated them for it (ducks mostly) with a prescription from the vet I used back then. The goose doesn't have bumblefoot but I have noticed that on both feet there is an unnatural internal thickening that extends from the base of middle toe out to about 1/2 inch of the web. It's on the inside and not really a lump or anything that can be seen (only felt). Not sure what it is but I know it didn't used to be there. I wish I knew how to take a picture and transfer it so it could be uploaded. Maybe I'll try to do this later.

    The Aspercream is a great idea. Not sure he would stand still for this but I'd be willing to give it a try. Is it safe to use? (because I wouldn't want him grooming his feathers and accidentally ingesting some it). Also, has anyone here ever given their birds/chickens/geese baby aspirin?. I'vegot a bottle of the pink chewable ones (91mg) I could try.

    He seems to be getting slightly better and mobility has improved. He was walking around yesterday and still had the limp but it wasn't quite as bad and he seemed to be moving around prety good in spite of it. He was mock charging me and giving me little love bites and such so he seems to be doing at least somewhat better.

    Thanks for the heads-up on the geese thread (sounds like an interesting read) and Celtic Oaks Farm. I'll keep them in mind and have a look.

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