Limping Hen - green watery stool


Oct 10, 2018
This is sort of a continuation of this thread, but changing direction because hen is doing somewhat better.

Quick recap, I noticed 2 year old hen not getting up. Took her in house she remained sedentary for two days had to put food and water in her face. She is now limping but will walk across room to food. And jump up and down on things like couch and some stairs. She's got enough energy to walk up to me and peck and my pants legs. From Google searches she seems to have ruffled feathers.

Had to find things she would eat (wouldn't eat usual pellet feed). Tried yogurt and cottage cheese but she didnt really gobble it up like I though. So I'm on chick crumble feed and had some spinach which she seems to really like. Also using b12 and water vitamins. So her energy seems to be somewhat back, but it's the stool that I'm confused on.

Figured if I could get her to eat decent foods her BMs would come back to normal. It's been about a week now and her stool is still neon green and watery. (Not egg bound, but she's not laying either)

So with this protein going in but not coming out in decent poops... Should I treat for coccidiosis? If so would you suggest just getting corid at TS?

Any other thoughts, would this cause her to limp?


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Picture of her poop would help, as well as on of her fully body.
Have you checked under her feet?
Are there any injury or scabs?
Depending how much spinach she's getting, it could cause the poop color.
TS should carry Corid, I keep the oral on hand, are you suspecting Coccidiosis?

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