Limping problem?


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Feb 27, 2008
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One of my leghorns has been limping for several days now...I wanted to give her time thinking she may have jumped down off something and twisted/sprained her leg. But she's not getting better. She's eating fine and moves around if she needs to, but hops on the good leg occasionally, and lays down for breaks....I didn't see any injuries initially. I caught her again and looked more closely. All I can find is a toenail that's not as long as the rest, and blunt at the tip. Is it possible it broke off somehow, down to the quick? I have noticed no blood in the coop since this happened, and I would imagine a broken nail into the quick like that would bleed quite a bit. But I'm finding no cuts, blisters, sores, I've squeezed on her leg, pad, played with her toes, can't get her to flinch at all. But I am feeling really bad for her, and not knowing what I should be doing. We're new to chickens...should I be taking the wait and see approach? Should I be soaking in epsom salt? Assuming it is the toenail? I took pics to post here, hoping someone might have an's the only thing that looked off to me. These pics were the best I could do...I was holding her and taking them at the same time, so didn't have a free hand to hold the foot as well! THank you!




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...could very well be . I notice that toenail next to it is extremely long and I would trim that (careful not to trim into the quick) as that will hamper her foot in the proper position while walking (imagine your own toenails when too long and pressing against your shoe while walking!)


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All I can see from the pics is that the nails are all really long except the one you are pointing out as short. Then again, my birds scratch in the gravel turn around and drive way half they day so have worn their nails short, just like your pic, to where you can see the quick though a thin layer of nail on the sides.

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