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    Apr 7, 2010
    This afternoon when I went out to check on my girls after work, I noticed that Betsy was holding up one of her feet. When I went into the run, she would move around on it and put some weight on it, but she appeared to be limping. Now Betsy is the least friendly of my girls and she doesn't like to be touched, so it took a few tries for me to finally wrangle her and pick her up. While I was trying to catch her she would run on it just fine. When I did finally get her, I pulled up each foot and inspected each of them. There were no scratches/sores or anything stuck in them. They looked perfectly normally, other than a little dirty. I let her down and put out some scratch and she was standing and eating normally when I left. Anyone have any ideas?
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    She may have just sprained it a bit. I've had that happen with my adult hens on two different occasions. If it really seems to be bothering her, you could isolate her for a day or two. Use a space just big enough for her to turn around and get out of her own poo, but small enough to discourage much walking around.
    Really though, I think isolation stresses them out more than it helps.
    If you are absolutely certain there's no sign of bumblefoot starting, I'd just keep an eye on her.
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    When I had a Brahma roo my little bantam cochins wouldn't even come even come out of their coop because he would rape them and they were terrified of him, well he's in the pot now and they are so happy! hope she comes out of it okay. and it sure looked like rape to me he was so mean to all the hens.

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