LIMPING Lefties...

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  1. knah24

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    Oct 23, 2011
    LIMPING LEFTIES... After my troubling hatch I have 3 survivors on day 2 in the brooder. They are eating and drinking and lots of sleeping. However two of the three appear to have a leg problem. They are not bending at the "knee" and their web foot is not expanding to a flat position.
    Anybody know if this is something I can help with or will they have to learn to wobble and hop???

    Thanks again for this site and all of your support!
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    [​IMG] I recently hatched a chick that couldn't walk. It's feet were folded. It was smaller than the others too. I put it by itself and had fed it a mash with a drop of Poly-Vi-Sol without Iron. The feet did uncurl and it had spraddle legs. I did put band-aids on its legs and the legs also straightened out. It's hatch mates would pick on it when I put it in with them. I had another hatch a week later and put the runt in with the new chicks and it is happy with them. There is hope...
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    Sep 18, 2011
    well why not name it Hope!? (thats what i did)

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