Limping NHR, bloody nail bed

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    Aug 11, 2008
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    MY NHR, Pearl, is getting pecked at by my other three hens. This has been going on for a while, so I've been caring for her wounds with iodine, neosporin, wrap. It comes and goes, but recently, she got pecked right around the nail bed on the middle "toe" on her right talon and has been limping ever since. She seems to be healthy though - clean vent, alert, eating, makes normal noises, poop looks normal, and she isn't lethargic. But she can't put weight on the talon that's hurt. She keeps on bringing it up to her chest area, and moving it around almost in a bicycle motion, back and forth. This seems to indicate that the leg isn't broken, so I think it's just from the nail hurting.

    Is there anything else that I can do for her? I've isolated her from the rest for the time being (can't do that at night since they need their warm house at night), but during the day she's alone. I'm hoping that all she needs is time for it to heal, but it seems really painful for her.

    Should I put her on antibiotics (I've never done this before)? Has this happened to anyone before? Any advice?

    Pearl's my sweetest hen, so I'm worried about her!
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    Can you post a pic of the foot. I would just keep it clean by soaking it and using neosporin. She should heal on her own.

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