Limping or confenital deforminty

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by eyeland, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. eyeland

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    Sep 26, 2015
    Hello! Has anyone every seen a deformity such as this? Today I brought home four new birds to add to my small flock. A very nice guy from a local advert met me at his acreage, scooped up two at a swipe with a large net and placed them in the big box I had brought with me to transport them home. Fifteen minutes later when I released them into their segregated run I notice one limping and upon a closer look see that the poor thing's foot looks like it is backwards and she is walking on an inverted ankle! All the girls are very tame and can be handled easily so I manipulated the leg in every direction with no objection from her so she definitely is in no pain. She ate and drank just like the others and there was no bullying within the group. The only thing I've noted is that the others will lean on and even walk on her, probably because she's mostly sitting on the ground. This bird is about four months old and has clearly been like this awhile.
    This forum has been a great resource to me for several years now and I truly appreciate the members and all of your experience and knowledge!


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    It looks like her foot is literally upside down, and she either has something going on with the hip or knee or both. I would call the guy and do a swap out or get a refund. Poor chicken :(
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    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us! :)
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    We have 1 girl that has a partially lame leg and she was the target for a lot of bullying from the other birds. We ended up building her a separate run and coop space where the other chickens can't hurt her. You might end up with a situation like that too...chickens will go after sick & injured chickens and can badly hurt or even kill the them.

    Before getting too attached, I'm with chickmomma03...I'd contact the guy and do a swap for a different chicken.

    Whatever you decide, good luck to you!
  5. drumstick diva

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    He wasn't such a nice guy, to sell you a chicken like that. He obviously knew of her defects and just didn't mention it to you. I would definitely call him and hope for restitution
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    Welcome to the BYC flock! We are glad you joined us!


    Poor girl. I hope you can come to an agreement with the man who sold them to you.

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