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    Sep 11, 2011
    we have a young pullet that has started laying. This morning, she is limping badly. No broken skin, no obvious injury, I touched all parts of her toes, foot and leg and she never showed any sign of distress. I thought it might be a broken toe as it is crooked, but from the forum, everyone seems to say that they don't show distress or extreme limping.

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    First off..[​IMG]

    She may have twisted it somehow if there is no obvious injuries to her foot or leg. Look carefully at the pads on the feet and make sure she isn't developing bumble foot, which can come from a puncture wound. You might see a bump or swollen pad there.

    If she otherwise looks ok, you could put her in a large dog crate for a few days so she can't move around too much in hopes to heal up a sprain or strain she might have. Good luck! [​IMG]

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