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    Feb 8, 2007
    Ontario Canada Follow the link to the henhouse page...I've just divided it into 3 sections. It is a 10x10 shed from Home Depot. We divided it down the middle and then divided one half into 2 sections. 5x6 for my 7 Red Shaver laying hens with a door to outside and a 'human space' of 5x4 that has a workbench table with storage underneath. I am waiting for my order of chicks for the 5x10 side. They are coming May 7th...I can't wait! Barred Rocks and black sex links
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  2. Very nice setup. [​IMG]

    Your interior layout is very similar to mine in my 10 x 12. I did a back room of 4x12, work room of 5x6, and front room of 5x6 for breeding&brooding. Both our bird rooms have pop outs to the run that use theri ramps for closing. We started out with feed and water in he house but eventually went to exclusively feeding outdoors unless the brooder/breeding room is in use for hose purposes. this and roosts with pits kept litter much much cleaner and maintenance much much less.

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