linseed oil for treating leg mites???

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    Jan 27, 2016
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    Hi there i have a few new chooks that have what looks like scaley leg mites,
    i was told to use oil on their legs to soften the scales which can then be rubbed off and will grow new smooth soft scales. Which sort of oil should i be using???
    Any help appreciated
    Im not interested in commercial, price inflated medicines and opt for an organic or home made product where possible...
    I have linseed oil which is bought from a hardware store (not flaxseed bought from a healthfood store, unsure if its the same or not) i usually use it with turps on my coop perchs etc can i use the straight linseed oil on their legs to treat the scaley leg mite??
    Vine view farm

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    I personally would not use linseed oil. Better option(s) would be soak her feet in a warm solution of epsom salts, brush them with a soft toothbrush, to loosen dirt, etc. Then apply olive oil, coconut oil or try one of the combinations in the links below. You will most likely have to repeat the process several times to achieve success. Both articles are short and informative with photos.

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