linseed oil for treating leg mites???

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    Jan 27, 2016
    Marlborough, New Zealand
    Hi All,
    We have recently aquired a small flock of 20 laying hens to add to our larger flock,
    we have noticed they have scaley leg mite or what appears to be anyway,
    I try to use organic or home made products where possible and so far have had great success. I am woindering if i could use linseed oil (bought from the hardware store by the litre, not the health food store flax seed oil although is it the same or not im not sure)
    i use this linseed oil mixed with turps on my perchs etc instead of stain or varnish. I am wondering if i can use this straight linseed oil on their legs?
    Or does anyone use another economical oil on poultry legs to control and remedy the effects of the scaley leg mite??
    any help appreciated
    [email protected] Vineviewfarm
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    Dec 11, 2015
    McVeytown PA
    I heard you are to put petroleum jelly on there legs before they go to bed to keep the mites off there legs and from eating there blood and it cures there legs from being scaley

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