Liquidy poo


Apr 9, 2018
St Louis, Missouri
My Polish girl has had poo that consists of water and semi-solid waste. I'm not seeing any white urates, just water. This has been going in for awhile, and there are no behavioral changes. She eats, drinks, and lays regularly. I'm thinking she is just drinking a ton of water since it has been hot here. I want to be safe and ask the poo experts that lurk here. Should i have a float test? Not sure if worms could cause this. Btw, CJ is an avid earthworm hunter (don't earthworms sometimes carry intestinal parasites?).


Free Ranging
8 Years
Feb 12, 2015
North Florida
It very well may be just from drinking a lot, it's common in the summer when they are trying to cool themselves. Behavior is just as important to observe, and changes, being lethargic or not eating or drinking well, or weight loss would be concerning. It isn't a bad idea to get a fecal done once or twice a year to check for parasites, just to be sure. If you have a vet that will do it that's awesome, if not you can use mail in options.
Earth worms can be a vector for tapeworm, many other worms/parasites are commonly picked up from the soil directly. But eating earth worms doesn't mean that for sure it's an issue, if there is little or no worm load in your environment then the earth worms may not be carrying anything. A fecal will answer that for you. Tapeworm or roundworm are sometimes seen in droppings, but not always. Most worms live the entire life cycle inside the bird, the fecal checks for eggs which are microscopic.

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