Liquidy/watery poop. WHAT IS GOING ON (picture)

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    Oct 18, 2013
    UUGGGGGH! I can't figure out what is causing this!
    One of my chickens has been consistently leaving very liquidy poops around.

    It's been happening for at least 6 months- all winter long.
    I gave all the chickens some "Rooster Booster multi wormer," which made no difference whatsoever.
    The chicken who I think is leaving the majority of the watery poops also has a butt that has been pecked to the skin almost her whole adult life.
    The chickens get fermented feed and pellets, a little bit of scratch sometimes, and free range a couple hours a day.
    The flock is four hens, no roosters. It's my first flock.

    I've researched this issue several times, and the only thing I found was that watery poops sometimes result from heat. But she's had this problem all winter long- it's definitely not heat!
    One other thing- a while back, she had some kind of impacted crop, which seemed to resolve itself with an Epsom salt bath and a night in the house. She now has a bit of a pendulous crop though, that swings when she walks. I'm thinking maybe her whole digestive system is out of whack. What can I do to help her?


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