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    Hi all
    I live in El Lago, TX and am working getting the ordinances that prohibit backyard chickens changed. I am utilizing some of the great information already shared on BYC, and I thank you all for the hard work you have done. One thing I cannot find is a good list of towns/cities in Texas that already allow BYC. I thought that presenting a list, even if not comprehensive, of cities that allow chickens might help persuade our city council that they aren't on the bleeding edge of a new, unwanted trend, but instead are coming into an established way of living. Is anyone aware of a list of chicken friendly cities in Texas? If such a thing does not exist, if you are reading this and are in a chicken friendly Texas town, would mind posting the name of your town in the comments? So far, the towns I have found are: Lubbock, Kyle, Buda, League City, Galveston, Wimberly, Dallas, Rowlett, Heath, Corpus Christi, and Poetry. I know there are more.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

    Lee Anne
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    Dallas TX
    Dallas does!!
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    League City allows chickens, but must be kept more than 50 feet away from other residences. Alvin does as well - 2 hens per 4,900 sq ft lot, 7 per 6,600 sq ft lot and no roosters on less than 1 acre lot. Pearland - can have chickens if have more than 1 acre, and can have 16 chickens (or ducks or geese, in any combo) which equals 1 animal unit, and cannot have more than 3 AUs per 1/2 acre of land. Friendswood's ordinance did not explicitly say you could not keep chickens, and it said you can hobby breed birds but keep no more than 20, and also that you cannot have livestock (but the list only included horses, mules, sheep, goats, hogs, etc). Webster - cannot have chickens on less than 2 acres.
    El Lago's ordinance was unclear ("unlawful to harbor or maintain any animal in other than a humane manner") but nothing that explicitly said NO chickens... ? It's been nearly a year since you posted this. Updates?
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    South Texas
    San Antonio recently passed regulations that up the number of chickens you can have to 8, but the HOA can still restrict them.

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