Listen to your body...go to the doctor! Glad I did!

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    Well, I felt something in my throat, like food that won't go down the last couple of months. Plus a little trouble breathing...just thought it might be allergies! It didn't seem normal but I lived with it. Family told me to go to a throat specialist to check it out. I'm one of those people that doesn't go to the doctor unless you are absolutely DYING! Not just for every little thing! I take vitamins, eat healthy, and don't get sick often. Soooo, I went to the throat doctor and he saw something in my throat with his scope...which went UP MY NOSE and DOWN MY THROAT....YUCK! I really got nervous! Upon doing an ultrasound, they found a tumor and 2 small cysts in my throat on my scary! I couldn't believe it. I scheduled surgery and they removed everything 1 week ago yesterday and got them biopsied.... NO CANCER....Thank GOD! My neck is very sore, black and blue, and I have a large cut at the base of my neck that should heal with a small scar but I feel like I can breath better and swallow better. Moral of the story is ...Listen to your body and do not be afraid to go to the doctor! [​IMG]
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    Congrats for the good result! I'm glad your tumor was benign.
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    Quote:Thanks so much...ME TOO! [​IMG]
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    I used to be one of those people, and now that I am older, I am seeing people like that dying because they waited too long. I still don;t go for every little thing, but if something just not right, I go.

    I am about to schedule an appointment because the left side of my throat has been sore off and on for over two months. Could be allergies, but why chance it?
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    I needed to hear that story, not that I'm sick, but I would have never gone to the doctor because of that. I never have for any reason in my adult life. So I'm glad you did and shared your story.
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    [​IMG] I am so happy things turned out the way they did!!!
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    Thanks all! Can't sleep for some reason....I went for a follow up visit today and the doc said all looks like it is healing fine. He took some blood to check my Thyriod levels to see if I will need meds for that or not. He removed part of the Thyriod but he said he left enough of it that I should need Thyroid meds..... [​IMG] I will find out those results next week!

    Moabite - I'm glad this thread did it's job by touching one person like you that might make a difference in the future. Take care of yourself....there is only ONE of YOU! I learned that and it wasn't too late...thankfully! Fear of the unknown is the worst but knowing what you fear is half the battle!
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    I'm one of those people that don't suck it up to the doctor about ailments. When I know there is something wrong, I go to doctor and he would brush me off like it was not "fibromyglia" because there is no such thing, yet I am still in pain and tests comes up elevated in the bile department (I don't have a gall bladder and still don't know how bile could be elevated) and I wanted more tests to find out exactly. After a year, doc still didn't want to do anything except going back for more blood tests of the same thing in the previous year. [​IMG]

    I just wait until either I pass out or something very ill or very wrong that I have to go to the ER to get something treated that my doc could have done. So even that, I finally ignore my body because there is "nothing wrong" with me after blood tests and all that jazz came out fine. [​IMG]

    OP, I am glad you got the help you needed. At least it is good to hear that you don't have cancer...that would be pretty scarey!
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    Glad it turned out okay. [​IMG]
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    Ewesheep, I had a doctor like yours. I got rid of her and got one who listened to what I had to say. They do exist.

    Chickenlicken, glad you went and got "repaired."
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