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    I just had a chicken die and I had an autopsy done and one of the results was listeria and a host of other aliments. I have them on anti biotics and sulmet. I did a search on here for Listeria and got no hits, can someone share some light on the topic?
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    I thought it has something to do with contaminated deli meats.... [​IMG]

    Listeria monocytogenes is a bacterium commonly found in soil, stream water, sewage, plants, and food.
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    ubiquitious bug. Wonder if the primary cause was one of the `host of other ailments' and the Listeria was just an opportunistic rider. If the rest of your flock is doing well, I'd not be surprised if the chook in question might have suffered from some stress unrelated to any of the bugs that turned up in the testing, and they simply walked through the gaps in an already weakened immune system.

    Hope the rest of your flock is O.K. (are they asymptomatic and you're treating prophylactically, or are they exhibiting specific signs/symptoms?).

    I'd clean out/burn out/change out/dry out everything just to be on the safe side (no reason to court challenges to the other chook's immune systems).

    A complete list of the `host' might be useful to post up.

    Good luck!

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