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You may have noticed that we are getting ready for a big change to a new forum software.

In order to make the transition easier, we have disabled the ability to create new listings.
You can still bid and buy, however.

The announcement details are here

2) One of the tradeoffs with the new system (and there are a few things we had to give up in exchange for all the great things above) is the loss of our auction system. We're working on some workarounds, but unfortunately there won't be a "bidding" system like we have now. Fortunately sellers will have better control over their listings and who they sell to, which is something that sellers have been strongly asking for.

3) All current Buy Sell Auction listings that expire on, or after 1/10/2012 will unfortunately need to be restarted AFTER the site is re-launched. We were hoping to keep these live after the conversion, but the new Buy Sell Trade / classified system. You can either end your listing on Monday and/or contact the bidders directly before an/dor after the conversion so they can re-bid once the new system is live.


NOTE: We disabled the ability to create new BSA listings, but peeps should still be able to bid.

This is to make the transition to the new system as easy as possible.

Please be patient while we get all this going.

Thank you!

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