Listless Chick


8 Years
Sep 2, 2011
I am a new chicken owner. I took in two chicks who were homeless, then I got 4 more the next day. They have all been healthy and happy for the past two weeks. I estimate they are about 6 weeks old now. Today, one of the chicks (Peanut) started looking listless. Her feathers are puffy, and she's not moving around as quickly as she did before. Her poop is watery. The other 5 chicks are still as healthy as they were before. I've examined Peanut, and I see no mites on her. Her vent seems normal, though she has had a pasty butt in the past. She ate some mealworms (dead) tonight and a little bit of chick feed, she's also drank a little bit. The chicks had their first live mealworms over the past few days. Could that have irritated Peanut's stomach? What should I do? Any help would be much appreciated. I'm in Florida, so it's been hot, but everyone other than Peanut seems to be doing great.

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