Listless Gal - definitely injured but don't know how


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Mar 28, 2010
This morning my daughter went out to let the girls out and one of our EE - Mover was on the floor of the coop just sitting under the nesting boxes. She is named Mover because that is what she does - she is always going, going, going. She was the last one to leave the coop and she was walking very low to the ground. I picked her up and she definitely looks like she hurt her foot as there appears to be dried blood. She walked a few steps to the waterer and drank then just sat. She keeps closing her eyes and just sitting rather listlessly. She doesn't want to eat and moves very little. She will take a few steps and then just kind of fall/sit down and she has yet to stand upright, always low to the ground.

I don't know if she jumped off the roost and hurt herself or if she fell off it.....when I tucked them in last night, she was on the roost being her normal self and now this morning she is on the floor obviously injured.

I don't know what to do......


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Jan 27, 2007
Separate her and bring her in (chooks have little tolerance for injured fellows). Place in a cage/large box with bedding and a towel over most of the top (low light decreases activity level), provide food and water. Examine her late in evening/night when she's the least likely to fuss about it and possibly injure herself further (check for obvious wounds/breaks and clean injured foot with a 1:10 solution of betadine to water). If it is a minor injury she should start to perk up in a few days (can try plain aspirin at 325mg per pint of water).

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