Listless, in little deer isle, Me.

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    Feb 29, 2008
    One of our 8 month old buff rocks has had a hard go of it from the start. She could get through the chicken wire for a month after the others were too big. we thought she may have an impacted crop and that we would probably lose her. She was always the bravest of the flock and the others left her alone so we have just been keeping an eye on her. "Chickerina" did catch up in size and has seemed fine all summer and fall. The next thing that we noticed was that she really didn't like the cold weather and would stay in and fluff up in the corner. As winter progresses she is more listless and her butt is now getting poopy. I haven't pulled her out yet since things have been this way for a while and eyeryone else seems fine and no one is bothering her. I just figured she is weak and more stressed out by the cold. The other things that I notice are that she is not laying, she is eating and drinking,I see a mustard color spot under her roost and on her feathers. She has been drinking the tonic we mix up from water, garlic, honey and cider vinigar.I guess the biggest concern I have is with the loose mustard color poop. Any thoughts about what might be going on, helpful hints and if I am ok to leave her in with the others. Kimpaw
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    Dec 28, 2008
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    Is your coop heated? If not she may just be cold natured. I would hazard a guess the reason for the unusual poop is that she is not behaving normaly, eating drinking and no exercise. Try giving her some heat and some scratch. I hope all goes well.

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