listless, no eggs, not eating right

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    Hi all,

    We bought three hens, ~ 7 months old, from a farmer who had been raising them in less-than-ideal conditions. They adjusted to their new, happier home, but Fluffy has always laid really really large eggs, sometimes with the shell rippled and deformed. She was otherwise healthy-- no breathing difficulties, acting normally.

    Yesterday she stayed in the nesting box almost all day, with no egg. She came out a while last evening to run, well walk, around with the others, but she was pecking listlessly and wouldn't do any scratching. She is still drinking. Last night she went on the perch, but on a lower rung than usual.

    Today she is outside, but not eating normally. Still no egg.

    I checked her vent-- it seems to be dilated and its "pulsating" , but not inflamed. Still no other signs of sickness.

    I'm a complete newbie at this. What should I do?
    update at 11:30 a.m.

    Took Fluffy out of the run (she was crouched in the corner) and into the house. Put her in a big rubbermaid tub with a few inches of warm water. Held her bum down in the water and massaged vent area for a few minutes. Put her on a towel, drained the tub, back in the tub with the towel, lid partially on the tub, in the dark bathroom with the heater on. Just waiting now. Oh, and making some oatmeal for her.

    More details: no runny poop. Vent area was clean. Laying box was clean after her all-day sit yesterday.
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    You're doing all that you can at this point. Continue to try a warm soak every few hours and keep her dry and warm and somewhere quiet in the meantime. She may be a little egg bound and need help passing the egg.

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