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Sep 6, 2015
Sweet Lips, Tennessee
I have an almost 5 month old pullet that isn't acting right. It just started in the last 3 days when this cold snap hit. She's listless and fluffed up alot sitting in the sun. She's still eating but not like she was before. She's still drinking but staying close to the coop and not Free ranging like she normally would. Her comb isn't pale, I've checked her vent, I see no mites, I feed all flock right now because I have older hens and young ones. I give them fresh veggies, mealworms as treats and I throw out a tiny bit of scratch when it's cold. I only have 10 chickens in an 8x10 coop and they free range on 20 acres all day, every day. They do stay around my horses in the pasture alot during the day. I haven't wormed them this fall yet since the older ones are moulting. I lost an older rooster in the summer, I thought it was from an impacted crop but now I'm worried about gape worm or cocci. I've had chickens for years at my other farm and never had problems, we moved and I got bantams this time and I'm not having such good luck this time. I'm not sure where to start to help her
Coccidiosis could be a problem with her symptoms. She's at the age when most would become tolerant of cocci in the soil, but she is still close. Also, she may be getting ready to start laying, and just acting peculiar. Bantams usually lay later than 5 months, but I have only raised a handful of them. She may be cold from wanting to lie in the sun. I would be tempted to give her a round of Corid in her water, but if you decide to wait, I would then give her vitamins and electrolytes in her water, then later consider worming her. Check her skin for any evidence of lice or mites.
I checked for mites and lice and didn't see anything. I'll start adding electrolytes in her water tomorrow and if she's not doing better tomorrow evening I may just bring her in. I think I'll pick up some corid and just go ahead and treat them all. If that doesn't work how long should I wait to worm her? I can worm the young girls and give the older ones a few more weeks to finish growing feathers
I also haven't seen any evidence of worms, but after losing my rooster this summer (he was 5 years old) I'm paranoid. I was pretty sure he died of an impacted crop but it could have been gape worm I guess. I wormed the girls after he passed but this hen was hatched after that. They were raised by my broody hen and have been free range since they were 3 days old. I'll definitely start vitamins and electrolytes tomorrow
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I would give the Corid 2 tsp of the liquid, or 1.5 tsp of the powder, per gallon of water for 5 days. Then give several days of vitamins and probiotics, and then worm them. Gapeworm is pretty rare. I have only seen videos of it, but the chickens are gasping continuously, and cannot eat or drink when they have it.

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