Listless / Sick Young Hen

Lee Charteris

In the Brooder
Jun 28, 2020
We are fairly new to Chickens

I have a young Black Easter Egger in amongst our flock of 12 (6 Older Sexlinks an Orpington , Silkie etc)
The bird is 16/18 weeks old (not yet laying) She sleeps in lots of room in a large coop with lots of roosts and pine shavings for bedding
3 days ago the bird (after being very skittish and active) completely slowed up
She looked healthy enough and was eating until today
Today she has sat the whole day and looks very weak
All other birds look normal / well .. they all free range in a large part of garden
She was eating well before today.. all flock and scraps .. she now has very watery Diarrhea
we have fed her water with a Pro biotic thus far but no food
She is in our kitchen in a crate in the warm

Any help / suggestions appreciated
Thanks in advance
Do you have any pictures of her droppings? How does her crop feel—empty and flat, full, hard, doughy, or puffy? Can you look her over for any lice or mites on her skin under her vent and elsewhere? Can you get her drinking a little sugar water or electrolytes? Bits of scrambled egg and mushy wet chicken feed can be bood to offer. It is possible that she has coccidiosis, which is treated by Corid in the water at 2 tsp per gallon for 5-7 days. If you see any other symptoms, let us know.

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