Litter box with sand under roosts

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  1. AKnewbie

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    Jun 30, 2012
    So we're thinking of constructing a some sort of litter box to go under the roosts for easier cleanup.
    I'll be filling it with play sand.
    The rest of the coop will have white pine shavings (just for better insulation).

    Any thoughts on this?
  2. Jakoda

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    Apr 12, 2012
    Old Lyme CT
    do a search here on "poop boards" which sounds like what your planning on doing below your roosts.

    I use Sweet PDZ in my poop boards, I get it pretty cheap at Tractor Supply , am sure feed stores carry it.

    One bag lasts a long long time, and acts like scoopable kitty litter also keeps the smell down.

    I use shavings for the floor of my coop as well, (altho I LOVED using Lucerne Ground Cover a feed hay, however found out I am allergic to it!) I usually dust some PDZ and DE around on the floor and then cover with shavings..Since it's getting cold here, I am using the deep litter method for the winter..which is, keep fluffing up the shavings and adding more vs cleaning the entire coop out once a month..

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