Litter Training Kittens....UGH!!!

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    I have been looking for a kitten for a while now, well last week we went to the feed store to pick up some duck food & they just happened to have some free kittens and with the kids with us we HAD to bring home one, so Puma has been here since then, I picked up a very small kitten litter box for $.75 there also, just in case she needed a shorter one than i had at home. Well she turned out to be Completely litter trained, no accidents at all! and uses the big box!

    Then I finally found my little Siamese baby..well, 2 of them actually, Minky & Nameless(still working on that one!). These 2 have had a couple accidents in the last couple days and today I am having to leave for an appointment than head off to work so they're going to be stuck in the medium-sized dog kennel until I get home. I KNOW they won't be happy about it but I just don't want any suprises on the bed or carpet! [​IMG]

    I feel like a jerk for locking them in there but I am hoping they will realize that the box is where they have to go potty. If any of you have any suggestions or 'techniques' for litter box training kittens i would LOVE to hear them..... My last cat was almost a One Year old when i rescued her and she used the litter box but preferred to go outside.

    Here they are checking out the new area. Puma is the black one, Minky is the Very fluffy seal point Siamese mix. (all 3 are girls)
    Miss Nameless! (tortie point siamese mix)
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    When I first got my feral kitten I just put her in the box after she ate and I moved her front paws around in the litter. She seemed to get the idea right away and never had an accident. [​IMG]

    This link may help.
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    Watching each other helps too.
    The bad part is when they are little and decide to lay in a dirty litter pan. [​IMG]
  4. Dar

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    Jul 31, 2008
    is there anyway of using a bathroom to get the hang of it?... some cats will not get busy if their food is there... you know ... dont poop where u eat thing...

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    Quote:I've always had new kittens in a bathroom till they get the hang of it. Then the litter box can stay there or move to a more appealing room as long as the kitty can find it.
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    I have never had to try litter training, even the stray males we have knew how to use the litter box. [​IMG]

    Anyways, good luck!
  7. CoyoteMagic

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    Quote:I've always had new kittens in a bathroom till they get the hang of it. Then the litter box can stay there or move to a more appealing room as long as the kitty can find it.

    This has always worked for me to. When the cat had kittens (my bad! I didn't get her fixed soon enough. I still have one of her babies-17years old now) I put them in the bathroom and blocked the door so momma could come and go but the babies were stuck inside. They learned pretty quick

    But on the other hand, those kitties at PetSmart are in little cages with their litterbox and food not far apart.

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    The dog kennel will be fine for them. Thats what i did with mine. My bathroom is too awkward to clean up litter easily so when they flung it everywhere it was a nightmare.
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    Cute Kitties! [​IMG]

    They will probably sleep most of the day and play with each other the rest of the day until you get back.

    The kennel will probably be a mess because they were having so much fun playing!

    But I think they will learn to use the litter box especially if you keep puma in with them, they will learn by example.

    As for a name how about Koko?

  10. jerseygirl1

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    Quote:Me, too, usually if they don't 'get it' there is an underlying reason for it

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