Little Bantam broken leg/legs?!?! Help!


9 Years
Sep 19, 2010
Langley, BC, Canada
K so my kitty plays with the chickens.. she usually just rolls around in the run.. but 3 or 4 days ago she went to spook this one chicken..and i guess she got it.. and then today i think she got it again.. and im pretty sure both its legs are broken. I've taken two videos that try to show how she moves.. but she basically hops and then trys to use her wings for balance bt falls over...
So I'm picking her up taking her to food and water, giving her some scratch to eat from my hand, then putting her in the coop after twice a day. is there anything I can really do for her though?

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Since she is standing on both legs, i would say that she probably doesn't have a broken leg, but it does look like something is bothering her.

First, i think you need to do a thorough examination, check out the bottom of her foot, all along her legs and hips and see if you feel or see anything out of the ordinary.

Second, she needs to be isolated with food and water close by so that she can rest and stop using that foot. It maybe that she will heal up with a few day sof rest. Feeding her some scrambled eggs will help her heal faster also.

Third, please keep the kitty out of the chicken coop.
Kitty goes in run not coop and I have no way to keep her out! this is the first time in 2 months that shes chased a chicken.. up until now she just rolls around with them.. or lays on teh tarp and watches them. I have the bantie in a good sized cardboard box with a dish with food and dish with water in it for her.. shes currently on my computer room floor.. hoping to get her to move around a bit.
I just went through this with a brown leghorn. Keeping her safe (in a horse stall) and quiet, bringing food to her, and putting in a quiet companion is how I treated her.

It was too far up the leg to splint.

She is back now. She limps, but she is in the coop with the others and laying an egg every 3 days.
when she puts weight on the left foot, she bends where the feathers meet the scales (knee) .. so I think it's broken at the "ankle" nothing feels out of place, but everytime she puts weight on it, she loses balance, and tries to hope but ends up throwing her wings out and falling over

I can put another hen with her?

Hmm.. I'd have to find somewhere suitable to keep two hens in then. Right now I just keep her company, she has naps on my lap and such...
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