Little Bantam Survived A Falcon Attack!!!

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    I had been letting my chickens out of their HUGE enclosure to free range in the yard. The dh kept telling me there was a prairie falcon scoping out the chickens, and I did not head the warning. Obviously, prairie falcons are small, so they are going to go after my beloved banties.... I heard that telltale commotion and recognized my absolute DARLING FAVORITE little dutch bantams scream. The falcon took off as I ran outside and perched on the neighbor's roof as I collected my precious Cleo and herded the rest into their run.

    I looked as Cleo, and it appeared at first that she just had a small scratch above her tail and lots of missing feathers. Upon closer inspection, lifting up the top feathers on her back between the wings, she had a large gash, but was not bleeding and nothing was "sticking out" where it shouldn't be. I was terrified, as the hole looked big and scary, but she was not actiing hurt and just a little in shock. I cut away a few downy feathers that were sticking in the cut and dabbed it with Blu Kote. I put her in the brooding hutch with my broody Austrolorpe....and today she is eating, drinking, chirping and snuggling up against her new Big Mama...aka Henwyn.

    Cleo will stay with Henwyn for a few days, until her neck heals and the chickies hatch (Thursday is day 21) and perhaps help Henwyn raise her clutch. Cleo was very broody before her attack and Henwyn actually seems to be enjoying the company

    I am SOOOOOO happy she is ok. How does it always happen to your most favorite bird???

    Here is the sweetest picture of the two girls. Notice teeny tiny little Cleo hunkered down under big, WARM Henwyn.

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