Little Banty Hen....Big Egg...She looks ill...Worried?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Camelot Farms, Oct 12, 2009.

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    Our little micro banty (about the size of class B Serama) just laid her 1st egg since we purchased her a month ago. She had only laid one prior to that for her old family.

    I saw her standing in the back of her pen, totally erect. She actually looked like a Serama Roo posing.

    I watched her because she looked like she was in full rigor and I was worried. Next thing I know, while she is standing, out slides a full size egg. Not quite an Extra-Large by supermarket size but at least a Large Grade egg. Thank goodness it was one of those soft eggs with no shell or I think she would have died.

    So, now she is still standing in the back of the pen, still pretty stiff looking and glassy eyed. She wouldnt even come out for scratch which is unlike her.

    Should I be worried or is she just recuperating from such an event?

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    Sep 7, 2008
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    I dont know... hope someone can help you figure it out. Poor thing [​IMG]
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    I had one girl who used to do that all the time. Some nights she would lay three of those soft shell or shelless eggs. It was when she first started to lay. It took her some weeks, but she got over what ever it was. I am sorry. She did look wicked uncomfortable, but she is fine and healthy now. I hope your story turns out that way.
  4. Camelot Farms

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    Quote:Thanks! I feel better! She just looked like she was going to drop over dead on me. Poor thing.

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