** Little Buff Cochin turned Aggressive towards me.. Should I get rid of him???

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by JBarringerNC, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. JBarringerNC

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    My little Buff Cochin Roo has started to act aggressive towards me, he is nipping my hands and arms when I let him.

    The flock is only 13-14 weeks old, consisting of 4 birds, 2 of which are Roosters. The Cochin, and a Lavender silkie (he's a sweetheart) and the polar opposite of the buff Cochin.

    I don't understand what made him turn out to be so mean, he was the very 1st chick to hatch out of my 1st homemade incubator.. which makes him special !
    He's now exhibiting behaviors I can't understand.

    Can someone PLEASE give me some insight as to why he's being this way, and possible solutions to make him non-aggressive.

    I really hate to give him away, but if this behavior continues then I don't see the benefits of keeping him around.

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    He certainly thinks he is the man in charge. When I get aggressive hens, I scoop them up and carry them around for a few minutes. I do this several times over several days. Seems to show them that what I say goes. I don't know if this approach works with roosters or not. Good luck to you!
  4. JBarringerNC

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    He's obviously loosing face because the one other Rooster started crowing before he did.
    Now that the Buff Cochin has attempted a crow he's always out-done by the Silkie whos crowing normally.

    He's trying to take aggression out on me. He doesn't really hurt my skin when he nips but it'll only get worse if i let it continue.

    It's not in a buff cochin's nature to be aggressive, atleast I thought so.
  5. rachlore

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    I think this is his way of showing dominance. Is he fighting with the other rooster also? He may be feeling stressed which is leading him to these aggressive actions.
  6. JBarringerNC

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    Yes, the Silkie roo has kicked his butt more than once.
    Maybe he thinks I'd be an easier battle to win.
  7. Kev

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    aggression is genetic. he may be mean because he is genetically inclined to higher aggression than the other roos.

    silkies and cochins have big reputations for being fluffy sweetballs but fact is, it's not rare for there to be really nasty cochin or silkie roosters. In fact I think bad attitudes is more tolerated in those breeds because they're fuzzy n' little.. often I see these roos being described as being 'protective of his hens'- cute words for what is probably a nasty tempered rooster.

    If he is train-able(as in not totally inclined to be aggressive) you need to train him NOW and EVERY time he acts up.

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