Little Chick didn't know She hatched!


Mar 31, 2018
Just wanted to share. 3 days ago, we had a chick pip then start to zip her egg open. After 24 hours, she was still breathing, peeping, but not making any progress. I moistened the membranes and let her be for 8 more hours. After that, she had not made any more progress - but still seemed to be going strong. So, I intervened, not hopeful. I carefully picked her up and the top part of her egg fell off. She was completely exposed! 1/2 of the egg remained. I placed her back and we waited.
3 more hours, and still nothing. I touched her egg once more and the egg fell off. She stayed curled in an egg shape. About 4 hours later, she finally stretched her legs and started moving about.
I am happy to say, she is running around her bater, just as happy as can be. I'll be moving her soon so she can eat.
But, how sweet it was to see this chick who didn't know she has hatched!

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