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Nov 28, 2018
Hey, just following instructions and introducing myself. I am a new chicken owner with 6 very funny hens. I am still waiting on my first egg but and day now I am sure. It is fall now and all they have are some twinkle lights on in the evenings (I'm in Canada and there is only about 8 hours of sunlight this time of year so its just so they aren't in the dark for 16 hours) Anyway I have a question about their weird behaviour today but I don't think this is the right section so I will look around more.

Hi everyone!

I lied, I'm going to ask my question here. Here is my chicken journal excerpt from today:
Today Jim has been screaming since 10 AM.

It’s 2 PM now and I hear a lot of rustle and scratching around in the coop while the other chickens are outside preening. Jim has spent all day unconcerned about being with the flock, rather running from the house side of the yard (even coming on the porch to our door) and then back into the coop. Also made room for herself on the North side of the stairs and went downstairs often. All the chickens seem to get noisy too when Jim is around.

It’s everything to not go bug her in the coop now. I’m going in between thinking it’s egg day to thinking she’s really sick.

Cici also decided today that it’s her thing to jump on my back if I’m sitting or leaning down. I also noticed her pecking precision as she pecks my phone but only ever the buttons like to hang up a call or take a picture. She seems interested with the camera too. She’s in to biting my ears and eyeballs so I need to fix that without making her not want to sit with me. She also is coming to hang out with me instead of the other chickens at some points.

Cabbage is a monster. No toes are safe.

3:20 and Jim has emerged from the coop and no eggs. But is no longer screaming.

4:00 Silence still for the neighbourhood.

Okay two questions
1. What is up with Jim?!?
I can upload a video to show you the weird sound she is making. (To clarify Jim is a girl, my husband just named my chickens) None of my chickens have layed yet, they are in between 25 and 28 weeks old. I think she was trying to find lay and egg today and that is why she was acting so weird. Has anyone else seen this behaviour. What does it mean?

2. How can I stop my chickens from pecking out my eyeballs without making them nervous to hang out with me? Or is that the price I pay?
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Thank you for joining us!

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